3 Reasons Why Window Shopping is Good

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Window shoppers are often seen as lazy, but they are working hard. Given that e-Commerce has made window shopping obsolete, it can be easy to forget how important it is for the retail industry. The truth is that window shopping is one of the most effective ways to get people to buy. Window shopping is an interactive experience that allows you to feel the product and imagine what your purchase will look like before you buy it. Here are three reasons why window shopping may be a good thing again.

What Does Window Shopper Mean?

A window shopper is someone who walks through a store and looks at the products but doesn’t buy them. Although this may sound like a waste of time, it is one of the most effective ways to get people to buy.

Window shopping is an interactive experience that allows you to feel the product and imagine what your purchase will look like before you buy it. It’s a way for people to interact with products they have never seen before or find something they might not have been looking for.

Window shoppers are often seen as lazy, but they are working hard–it’s just not in a traditional sense. Window-shopping makes up for 60% of all retail sales. You can’t get anywhere near that kind of conversion rate from online shopping which only makes up for 18% of total retail sales. That means more work for consumers, but also more work for retailers–which can be a good thing!

Window Shoppers Are Interested

In Your Product

Window shoppers are eager to purchase items they see in a store. And become a potential customer. They might not have the money, but they want to know what is available and can help them make a decision. The same goes for your digital marketing efforts. Remember that people looking at your website or social media page may be window shopping. If you have a great product, you will get clicks and sales from people who weren’t ready to buy right away. You just need to remind them that you exist and that they should consider purchasing from you when they are ready. This is especially important for smaller businesses that don’t have the budget for traditional advertising campaigns.

Window Shopping Salesman, Your Site

Window shopping is a great way to build your customer base and market your products. A lot of people think that when they window shop, they’re not doing anything, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you window shop, you’re actively looking for things you want to buy. That’s how window shoppers end up making purchases in retail stores. Window shoppers are often more likely to purchase someone who is just browsing online or flipping through a magazine.

Online window shoppers also help increase brand awareness and loyalty by allowing customers to see your product before they buy it. This is especially important in today’s world, where e-Commerce has made it easy for customers to buy without ever coming into contact with the product itself. By letting potential customers feel the product or experience it firsthand, you can create brand loyalty that will last longer than just an online purchase. You can turn shoppers into customers, with a great shopping experience.

Your Website Is A 24/7 Sales Machine

One of the reasons that window shopping has become obsolete is because people can just shop online 24/7. This means that you don’t have to keep your store open to attract customers, which can save you time and money.

Even if people are browsing your website when you’re closed, they can click on an “online chat” button and get in touch with an associate. If they want to purchase something, they can do so right away without any hassle. A prospective customer these days does homework before purchase, and you have the opportunity to turn shoppers into buyers. Capturing an email address can lead to an email campaign with product details and services for your email subscribers.

Window Shopping is a Good Sign

One of the reasons why window shopping is a good thing is because it’s a sign that people are interested in your products. Retailers who have abandoned tasks like window shopping are seeing less traffic, which can be alarming. However, while window shopping may seem like a waste of time, it’s important to the success of your business. People want to experience what they are buying before they buy it. They want to feel the texture or hold the product without feeling pressured by sales associates. Window shopping allows people to take their time and get comfortable with their purchases before committing.

Window Shopping Helps Build Confidence

Another reason why window shopping is good is that it helps build confidence in customers. When you allow people to shop for themselves, they feel more confident about their purchase decision. It’s hard for customers to trust themselves when faced with an overwhelming amount of choices, but when you let them window shop, customers will see how easy it can be to find something that suits their needs and wants perfectly. Window shopping makes customers feel more comfortable with the process so they are more likely to make a purchase.

Window Shopping Gets You More Sales

Finally, one of the main reasons why window shopping is good again is because it helps increase sales for retailers. People are much more likely to buy what they’re looking at if they’re in-store than online because there isn’t any risk associated with impulse buys when you’re in-store compared to online where you can help committed buyers with their future purchase.

Is your Website Ready For Shoppers?

Online shopping has made window shopping obsolete. But by forgetting about these benefits, retailers can be hurting themselves. It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a day when retail stores had the opportunity to show their products off before you bought them. You could see what it would look like in your house, or how it would work with the rest of your living room furniture. Today, people are expecting this same type of experience from e-Commerce sites, but many are not delivering it. The lack of this experience can hurt companies because shoppers need to see how they’ll look in real life before they buy them. Customer service is key for future customers as well.


When you’re running a business, you need to do everything you can to get your products in front of people, and that includes setting up your website for the best possible customer experience.

A window shopper is a person who stumbles across your website and might be interested in what you do but doesn’t buy anything. This is a good sign because it means that your site is seen by people who might be interested in what you do. They might not be ready to buy yet, but they’ll come back to you when they are. It only takes one sale to make the investment worth it. You have the opportunity to turn an average window shopper into an actual customer.

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