Adding a Emoji To wordpress is probably one of the easiest things to do, but is there any value in it?

Well lets take a look and you decide ok?

Now with a Emoji Added

Emoji Meta Title


Now there is a ton of debate with folks as to whether this will help or hurt with a SEO value for your site?

And my answer is this, if your lets say a stay at home mom trying to compete in oh lets say home made candles?

Which looks better? It is all about getting to consumers eye in the listing isn’t it?

Other SEO’s out there will say, well Amazon does not need it?, and that is true but they are a massive brand.



Now as far as putting them into

wordpress it is very simple you go over to Emojipedia and find the one you want.

Next copy the one you like

Then go over to where you edit you meta title and paste. Simple Done

YouTube is the exact same way, go to edit button for where you entered the title and paste.

No Worries we have a video as well to watch