So Your a small business that has been tearing up YouTube , Trying to figure out the best way to reach new client’s right?

And everyone says the same thing. Facebook Ughh  Dear Lord

There are better ways to just kill it and yet business seems to just hate change, and you still prefer your traditional media, billboards, paper , radio. Those are DEAD my friend. I wrote sometime back about buying Media and how to do just that on different platforms and i swear, I put this stuff out there and it falls on Deaf Ears?




  1. First on my list, and it should be on your as well. Is a Little secret that you can run ads On ROKU. Roku is a streaming device for people to watch Netflix, Hulu and so much more. But the secret is you can run a commercial very inexpensive on this platform and not many at all are taking advantage of this and i am shocked to say the least. With 15 Million users and you and your firm are not there your a IDIOT.




2) Reddit Ads: Reddit known as the front page of the internet, is a massive site. Where everything and anything will be awnsered and seen. Now if you have never been on that site. Brace yourself my friend, Everything you can imagine is there. Let me say that again, EVERYTHING you can think of is there. And talk about targeted marketing my lord.



3) Quora is another fantastic site that has millions of views every single day, and same goes here, very targeted marketing to say the least. And they have a self serve ad platform so you could start a campaign today.



4) YouTube: is the best for small money to get your message across to the massis for as little as .03 a click. So why are you still reading this? Go get a video made at Fivver and put it on Youtube and get those new clients rolling today.