Big Money In Addiction Affiliate Marketing-No


Big Money In Addiction Affiliate Marketing-No

The truth is when someone new enters into this game they only have one thing on there mind, landing that big commission and moving on. But after a few years in this space, I can tell you that most will never see a dime. That business model of pay only if it coverts will not work period. As with most offers out there that will only covert if there is a sale of (insert product) The truth is as a marketer your almost wasting your time and the company does not care if you make a dime, because in the end they are out nothing if you even do get a sale.

What to do?

The truth is, I have switched my business model to pay per call. And why is this?
The pay per conversion model does not work, we had end users who would pay at let’s say three minutes. And they hang up @ 2:49 and call the lead back. So guess what you get nothing.
Most marketers out there always assume they are going to get what ever is offered on Offer Vault, and other sites. The truth is if you go out there you will find better deals for your self. And not be a slave to the peanuts the circus is offering. Separate your self from the low end firms and cut your own path.

What ever the offer

So no matter your niche, you can find higher payouts for sure no matter what. You do not need to be on the payroll of any of these firms out there. You’re a marketer and trust me when I say they are making way more than you. The game is rigged and they do not care how much you spend. Once you separate your self from the bullshit, you will see a whole new world open up that will make marketing fun again.


So why did I write this piece? I was fed up with all these firms out there just putting the screws to the guy who thinks, shit man I made 700 bucks this week. But the truth is did you? Once you factor in advertising, and YOUR TIME. What did you really make? I hope this piece will make you sit back and question every offer you have seen come across. Most will just take the path of least resistance and go with the rest of the sheep. While those who carve there own path will prevail in the end.
Best of luck to all the marketing folks out there.

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