I Bought a Amazon Echo

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

So what happens when I digital marketer buys a amazon echo? He/ She Becomes the ultimate critic

That’s what happens

While I have always been fascinated with home automation and a computer to wake to like the movies

It is hard o believe that the time is now and here for sure, I mean just with your voice you can control the lights in your home, lock the doors, turn on your tv, get reminders and more.

And yet, the skills are limited for sure, and one of the major hang ups is the fact that every skill developer out there has these required key phrases that trigger the device. Hey fellas cut the shit would ya. While I realize that you live in your moms basement and love klingon but holy cow with the trigger words.




One example and the only damn skill I can remember is easy fm, why? It is easy to remember that is why. I have a countdown to destruction but for the life of me I can never remember the damn phrase that triggers it. So I look on my app and go from there.

I am witting this today because I know that Amazon wants more skills, and they are willing to pay for them. Truth is we are creating a skill ourselves but our trigger word will be east to remember that is the key I believe to make it in the skills are for sure.

With a staggering 65% of people not even loading skills, this is a very big market to get into and I think the easier it is to remember the trigger words well that person will come out on top for sure.

So What Is Next?




I think as the skills get better and home automation gets stronger you will see in the no so distant future that these will be items you will wonder why you ever lived without.

No you conspiracy folk out there that say well they are listening, I say hey dummy what do you think your phone is doing at least I am getting my lights turned on hands free.




OK well Maybe that was not a good example, and I am with you folks to a point. But I have been in love with the idea of a computer controlling a home as much as the guys in love with any sci fi film and yes a geek myself I admit.

I think the future we will see more and more of not only home automation but the skills will defiantly get better now that amazon is paying, and hey let’s not kid each other here. 

The reason Amazon is so big is because they have no problem splitting the pie and that ends up getting them a hungry team and a massive army. 

The same reason they have such strong sales.