Fist and foremost i have to confess that for years i was a die hard Fire Fox user and would never dream of leaving that browser in a million years.

But i do not know what happened with the latest release 51 beta. That damn thing would crash over and over again on me. I do not like being a guinea pig for beta neither,

I did love firefox for its speed and private mode and the extensions out there. But i did start my quest for a new browser this last few weeks and here is what i got.

Firefox is a great browser for speed and extensions, it has always been one of my favorite brwosers out there and if you are with another browser maybe it is time to take a look at this one, Hey looking is not cheating. I meen what could it hurt, your old browser just is not keeping up with you thats all.

You can find FireFox >>>>HERE





Next on the list is the Google Nater…….hmmm  i will work on the pun

Chrome is Googles answer to the browser world and for some this thing is a rock.

I must admit, Chrome and i have had our fun together, and while slower (in my eyes) than FireFox it is a great browser as well. I do like all the add ons , extensions. It is a great choice over all.

Maybe your browser and you do not need that much time together and you are looking for a quick fling? Chrome is up your alley, she is quick, but not to quick. She will be gone in the morning Just kidding

Chrome is a great browser by far, and a great choice for you FireFox folks that are thinking of jumping the fence.

Get Chrome HERE




Next on the list is the girl down the road that has won my heart as of late. Sure she is not the hot girl in town. And she has a few extensions but not like the other’s. She is quiet and sleek as a race car she also has a VPN <<<<yeah i said that right a Virtual Private Network and she is fast.

She is built on the same frame as chrome but i have got to tell you Opera has blown me away with it’s speed. Now i am sure there some hard core guys saying blah blah blah.

Listen dick weed my site my view

Opera has become that girl that your mom promised would come into your life. And has been a great thing for me. I do love the added security of a VPN and to be honest it does seem faster to me.

While it does take a little to get used to i do love the look and speed but do not like the fact that most of my extensions that i use i can no longer use.

Conclusion, i do and have loved all the different browsers out there but to me for speed and security i do love Opera. And will stay with this one for sometime, Marriage? To soon to tell

I almost forgot this browser also has built in ad block for all you folks that hate ad’s as much as me this is just what the doctor ordered.

Find Opera HERE

I hope this has helped in your  search, for you Mac folks i got nothing for Apple….sorry