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Google Is Biased: Here’s Why It Matters

Google is the most popular search engine and one of the most widely used services on the internet. But recent reports suggest that Google may not be providing search results in an unbiased manner. Some evidence suggests that the search engine may be intentionally favoring sites with left-leaning news and opinions while downgrading sites that offer a more conservative viewpoint. Again, this is troubling because so many people use Google as a resource for information about current events and other topics. If Google skews its search results to favor liberal views, then it’s hardly acting as an unbiased source of information. People—especially young people—need accurate information to make informed decisions about their beliefs and actions. If you agree, take action today by signing our petition urging Google to stop manipulating search results to provide bias against conservatives and neutral ground so we can all get back to connecting the world through


Why Is Google Biased?

Google started with a motto of “Don’t be evil,” but the company’s actions increasingly suggest that it has departed from this philosophy. For example, several employees have quit the company after discovering that their projects were being canceled due to political reasons. One example is the fact that Google has hired a large number of far-left employees who have a political bias in favor of far-left causes. This might lead to these employees favoring sites and sources that share their political viewpoints while downgrading others. Google has also shown a willingness to use its power to promote certain political causes. For example, the company threatened to reduce its business dealings with the state of Georgia after the state passed a law that was opposed by the left-wing SPLC. And Google recently announced that it will not renew a contract with the Pentagon to help with artificial intelligence research after employees expressed concerns that the work could be used for military purposes.

Google Has an Agenda

Google has always been an outspoken supporter of liberal causes, but as it has grown in size and influence, its willingness to promote its agenda has increased. The company has spent millions of dollars on lobbying efforts and millions more on political campaigns, particularly with Democrats. Several Google executives have been appointed to high-level government positions, including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who served as a campaign advisor to Barack Obama in 2008 and was appointed as the head of Obama’s transition team that year. This kind of influence has led many to question whether Google is truly a neutral internet company or if it’s a biased organization that uses its many products to push a liberal political agenda. Google’s actions seem to confirm that it favors liberal causes. The company has canceled a large number of projects that it considered to be politically incorrect while continuing to fund projects that promote a liberal ideology.


Google Is A Monopoly

Google dominates the internet in many ways. It’s the most popular search engine, with more than 90 percent of people using it to find information online. It’s also the most popular browser and the most widely used video and photo sharing service. Google has become so powerful that, according to one study, it has surpassed the “don’t be evil” motto and has now become “don’t be anything but evil.” These findings suggest that Google has reached a monopoly status and is free to do whatever it wants with no consequences. If Google is biased against conservative news and sources, that harms the conservative viewpoint. But it also harms people who may be genuinely curious about conservative topics, but instead find that Google has pushed them away from this information.


Why Does It Matter Whether Or Not Google Is Biased?

If Google is biased, it will provide users with inaccurate information. This can lead to people making uninformed decisions that they might otherwise have avoided. And it’s not just the people who use Google who will suffer. People who rely on information found through Google will also be harmed if that information is inaccurate. For example, if Google sends people who are curious about something conservative to a left-wing source that falsely portrays conservatives in a negative light, those people will come away from the experience with more negative feelings toward conservatism. This could lead them to vote against candidates and causes that are genuinely conservative. It could also lead them to avoid conservative news sources, which will leave them uninformed about important issues and ideas.


What Should Be Done About This?

There are a few things that should be done to ensure that Google remains an unbiased source of information. First, conservatives and Republicans need to speak out against Google being biased. They need to let Google know that it’s using its power irresponsibly and that it needs to stop. People who are concerned about this issue need to let Google know that they are watching and will not stand for this kind of misuse of power. And then, conservatives should look for alternative means of connecting with people. One alternative that has gained popularity is called The Gateway Pundit. The Gateway Pundit is a conservative website that has gained a lot of traction because people like its honest and unbiased reporting.


Bottom Line

Google is one of the most important companies in the world, and it has a unique ability to influence the public with its search results. This makes it critical that the company remains unbiased in its results so that people can find accurate information through its services. Unfortunately, reports suggest that Google is falling short of this goal, and it’s harming people who want to find unbiased information. If Google wants to be a trustworthy source of information, it needs to stop being biased and start providing unbiased results. Our Agency has Been attacked many time throughout the years from Google, just because of our name Six Gun Group.

Google Is Biased
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