How to Increase Web Site Traffic Secrets?

There are many ways to get website traffic. Many people use targeted keywords to attract search engine traffic while others use blogging, social media or link-building strategies. Often, website owners combine strategies to drive more traffic to their corners of the Internet. A combination approach is usually much more effective than using just one strategy to increase exposure and visitors.

Here are some of the most common approaches to increase website traffic secrets:

Targeted Keywords

Often, efforts at generating more traffic include research of keywords to include in written content. Website owners typically use analysis tools to find keywords their target audience is likely to type into a search box. Many also look for keywords that have low competition but high search numbers. The low-competition-high-search keywords are those for which there are many searches but fewer websites targeting them. When website owners include carefully chosen keywords in their online content, they may enjoy an increase in traffic sent by search engines.

Though targeted keywords can help increase website traffic, most Internet marketers recommend against keyword stuffing, which is the excessive use of keywords. This practice can work against its intended effect. It leads to content that is awkward, difficult to read and uninteresting. Even worse, it can give site content a spammy feel. Additionally, keyword stuffing often leads to search engine penalties that interfere with the site’s rankings.


Adding a blog to a website is another way to generate more traffic. Websites are often static, which means their content is developed once, and updates are infrequent. Once a person has visited a website and perused all of its content, he may not feel compelled to return. A blog provides a website owner with a way to post frequently updated content. If it is interesting enough, the blog will draw both repeat and new visitors, ensuring a steadily increasing stream of traffic for the website owner.

Social Media

Many website owners also apply social media strategies to securing more traffic. Networking via social media sites can result in more exposure via bookmarking, voting and sharing. Many site owners also create profiles on popular social networking sites and include their website links in their profiles. Often, site owners also create fan pages that allow visitors to leave comments and enter contests. Such efforts lead to traffic-building backlinks and increased exposure.

Link Building

Link building efforts also help increase traffic. To use this method of getting more visitors, website owners seek inclusion of their links on other websites. Sometimes website owners accomplish this with link trades, commenting on other websites, bookmarking, getting listed in directories and publishing online news releases. Individuals who visit a website and like it may also link to it on their own, providing backlinks without any extra effort from the website’s owner.

Often, website owners benefit most from combining strategies to get backlinks. However, it is critical for website owners to seek backlinks from high-quality sites that have relevant content. A link from a low-quality, irrelevant or spam-ridden site only works against traffic goals.

Writing articles

Users browse the Internet to gather information. Articles are a great way to provide information to users. You need to search keywords that are related to the products and services that you provide and create articles. Pass the articles to different article submission sites and do not forget to place the URL of your website on the resource box so people can easily visit your site if they liked the quality of your article.

Sign up in forums

This is one of the best ways to increase website traffic. You can sign up in forums and establish a name. Always remember that you must not be the one asking questions. You must be the one who answers the questions of the members. Once they see that you provide valuable information, you can get their trust and they will probably visit your website and make a purchase.

Make use of the different social networking sites

Sites like TwitterMySpace and Facebook are probably the most popular networking sites on the planet. Millions of people around the world visit these websites daily. This is the main reason why you must take advantage of this. Create your own fan page and invite people who are interested in your product. You can answer their questions there and provide valuable information to them. This is the best way to get web traffic easily.

Create content that is helpful and useful

If you simply jumble up all information which you can get from many other websites, that will not help to generate traffic to your website. You have to offer your visitors information that they need. Information which can solve their problem, entertaining or of quality news. Information that they can’t get anywhere else.

Make sure your website is updated regularly

Not only you should update the frequently viewed information, you should add new contents to your website once every few days if possible.
Applying these and other traffic-generation strategies can help a website owner gain exposure and generate sales.


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