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Is Facebook Really That Good Anymore?

A thought hit me this morning, not only as a Marketing firm but as a consumer of Facebook. How many posts were really from friends? Answer: not many.

So that begs the question as a marketing firm, Is Facebook really that good?

All the Guru’s out there will tell you that you can get highly targeted traffic blah blah blah.

Fact’s anyone who has run Paid campigns for clients will tell you, that you can target consumers better with other platforms to be honest.


Paid Traffic:

I will be honest that most platform’s out there for paid traffic are shit and that is the truth. But there are some that will just crush it for any marketing campaign.

Rev Content: What a awesome self serving platform for running any type ad’s From Native to search. But be prepared you do need a budget of at least a hundred a day to run any campaign.

Site Scout: My number one pick for any site period. you can geo target any consumer in any niche. This by far is one of my favorite platforms to use. So targeted i do not know why anyone would use anything else. But it is a minimum of 500 just to start. so that weeds out your low ball shops for ad’s.

Google: a nice platform to use for the beginner, but to be honest that traffic is good quality but way overpriced.

Bing: again great for new users to use but way overpriced, and limited to how to target consumers.

Facebook: while it is targeted and good quality, i do think it is a very saturated market right now and i have advised all my clients to be else where. You do not need to be where the sheep are. And we know what happens to sheep.


Taboola: i have not used this platform as of yet, but plan to very soon and will write a follow up on it.

Yahoo Gemini: i have used this traffic source and found it to suck for conversions, while traffic is there it just did not convert.

Buy Sell ad’s: Nice platform for targeting traffic, but the conversions have been let’s say lack luster at best. And i do not recommend this for my client’s.

Truth The average small mom and pop shop while wanting conversions and leads want it done for 50- or 100 bucks and i get that hell i used to own a small business. But the truth is getting these leads does cost money and it will be more than what i just quoted. I wrote about Media buying sometime back HERE

So what to do? Truth is most will try this thinking they are saving ton’s and firms like mine are out there to rip them off. But that is farthest thing from the truth. Sometimes clients are just not a good fit, whether it be budget or other wise. You could do this yourself, but you will not get the result we do because you have not run 10000 plus ad’s and just like everything else in life. This is a craft that does take time to learn and as a small business owner do you really have more time.

Conclusion: So if your a small business and are looking for new clients leads and traffic we are advising our clients to look elsewhere and avoid the hype. Or you could just hire us to do the work for you.