Media Buying??

So I was asked the other day, Hey i own a website and do not get much traffic what can i do??? (really to a SEO you said that?)

So i said well you can always buy traffic, His response ….Like ad words?

Me, Hell no.

Here is the problem for most small business out there is that you really don’t know 2 things. 1) who is your customer? do you know? And 2 ) Where to buy laser targeted traffic from. When you buy website traffic, most will use google ad words or Bing. The problem with that is most do not know who there customer is and then just blanket bid and hope for the best here. Look if you want to just through money out the window, i will give you my pay pal address.

Buying Web Site Traffic

So where do you go to buy traffic? Do a search and there are a ton of other networks out there that will help you get the traffic you need all day long. You can use Facebook? But to be honest i think there rates are a little high (what i am cheap man) You could use 7 Search

But watch out for some networks i have tried and will not name but they never did convert, and i am sure was just robot crap traffic (china russia) You do have to pay attention and talk to these folks they will help you with this stuff as well.

Media Planning and Buying?

Before any of that happens you really should make a plan, IE who is your customer? what are his or her likes/ dislikes? How old are they? If you can not answer these questions you really do need to take a step back, because you really are just spinning the wheel and hoping for the best here.

First get demographics of what , who and where your next client is. (EDIT: Here is a place to start if you wonder what your client is asking)

Next make a budget for your ad, and plan on a ROI. Not just spinning the wheel here, this is business and let’s run it as such.

Keywords, you will need this list to help you as well. I always go for around 200 and start cutting after the campaign begins.

That should be a good start to get you on the right path for your next campaign with your media buy.


One thing that a lot of small business do not do and should is consider buying banner ads

Getting a banner made really is not that expensive and there are a few places that do this like 99 designs, 20 dollar banners, etc and then it is just a matter of working with a traffic source to help your business which is very targeted.

Now if you own a local heating and cooling shop, this might not be the best thing unless there is a local website that gets a ton of traffic then yes.

But we will use a client i had not to long ago who was spending 14 dollars a click and i said listen we could do a banner and then target jst home buyers/ builders on buy sell ads for as little as 5 bucks per thousand and he said no i think that is a dumb idea. Ok what ever

We will still use this example: You could go to buysellads and place a banner with massive numbers and i am sure you would make money

If you look at some of these they have very strong numbers and it is very targeted traffic. A lot of marketing folks out there have known this for some time and use it every day.

You could get over 2 million impressions for 500 bucks, bet your thanking me right now……your welcome

Now you have to keep in mind that the click thru rate is low with banners, like 1 % some times 7% But it is all a numbers game really. Out of that you will get conversions for your business.

There are other places as well to put your banners for targeted traffic, just do a search. And a little secret, you can have your business on fox news site….


One of the most under utilized forms of traffic out there and i will give you a real life example:

I was working with a client, who was spending a shit load on Google ads. I did some research and said this is stupid we have more traffic coming from YouTube and we can advertise this dirt cheap. I think it is a better way to go.

No we will stick with Google Ads, My Moto is you can not fix stupid so to hell with him.

Here is a little know fact, Google and YouTube want you to advertise your videos. Did you know you could promote your local business video for as little as a penny. Yes you read that right a penny a click.

One of the biggest things i hear, i do not own a video camera. Yes you do, we all do.

Start with your phone, and Hey this is Steve from steves gutter service. Weather you need your gutters cleaned or new give us a call. Done

It really is that easy, and i think most would be shocked at the traffic it would bring them. and once it gets traction it would be traffic for life for free.


This really is a short post to help your average small to mid size business. The really is an art to buying this stuff, but the purpose of this article is to make you realize that there really are more options out there other than what most folks use. There are a ton of agency and display networks that will launch you to the next phase for your business.

For some folks this might be a little much to handle, and hey i get it. If you want to hire a guy who knows a little about this stuff click Here

There were a hell of a lot more i could have gone into about buying media, but there really is a art to it. Corporate America has teams in place that do nothing more than this all day every day. And while the average small shop does not have that kind of budget (things i hear everyday) Then i tell them, what if i could get you traffic for as little as .04 cents a click? It can be done and yes it does convert.

You do not need to be trapped into the 18 dollar click there are many other options out there, and they are looking for your services everyday.

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