Net Neutrality – Death To The Net

The Internet has Died Today with the repeal of net neutrality. The funny thing is i believe that big business has just cut there own throats on this one. They are trying to peace meal your INTERNET.

Got NetFlix? No Problem, it will be an addition 9.99 a month

Or you can get our gold package for only 20 bucks a month. And any consumer today will tell you that 20 turns into 120 in a very short time.

Comcast did the same thing a decade ago to Peer to Peer site 

And Time goes on, I do believe that things will start to unfold as hey did you want our Facebbok Package? 

What Big Business has forgot and greed has clearly stepped in on this one, Is That The American people will drop you like a bad habit in a hear beat if you think for one minute they will pay more.

Companies Like Amazon, Facebook , And Netflix will feel the pain first as people will leave as if it was the great depression. Think i am kidding? I remember when people told me that Sears would be around forever…..

Can You even Imagine your ISP telling you to pay more for access to your Amazon Prime Account? As if you do not pay enough already? And now an additional 14.99 to even access your $99 dollar Prime Account? How much did that bag of chips really cost you in the end?\

It Might Be A Good Thing?

Maybe all this will come to a head anyways, to many people waisting time on facebook and shitty articles like this. So maybe this will all be for the best. Because i know damn good and well i will not pay more money to see Facebook, Or Netflix.

Maybe It Is time we went back to basics and just picked up a Book, Not a Kindle But A BOOK!