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Can’t help but wonder in the day and age of email marketing, if all the opt in’s on every website is beginning to become overwhelming. It seems like every website you go to these days has an opt in box.

I can’t help but wonder if all the consumers out there are getting a little burned out on all the opt In.

They say that to be a great digital marker these days you need to have a email list, and the only way to get that email list is with an opt in box on your website. with catchy slogans like, try now for free, but wait, i will teach you
how i made (insert fictitious number here) and so on and so forth.

Yes i do know the value of having a list, but at the same time what about the end user? I am serious when i say this every site has a opt in box. And corporate America does very little to stay in touch unless you are a credit card then you will get emails weekly.



Opt in Now, Optin here,

Just kidding there is no opt in anywhere on this page, I am just trying to make a point that some pages really don’t need to have an opt in box. Unless you’re doing some for form of lead generation then what can you offer the end user?

I do not think people think about that, and I for one am always thinking about the end-user the final product if you will. I think we are all taught the same that we need to collect the emails so we have a customer again to sell to the do we?

I for one never like to follow the rest of the herd if you will, if everybody is learning the same thing how do we separate ourselves from the rest of the business world. All I’m saying in this article as maybe it’s time to start thinking outside the box and try different approach. There’s an old saying in the business world that if your not growing in adapting your dying. And I think that’s what’s going on today with the opt in boxes, maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at this approach.

Are we as marketers being overzealous in trying to collect every damn email out there? I for one do not have any opt in boxes on my website whatsoever. I have a simple contact page that if people want to opt in there than they can. Am I losing a ton of business? Maybe, but in the end as an SEO agency what can I offer an email list?

More back links? On page optimization? Higher search engine rank?

These are all pretty much covered in end as a SEO or digital marketing agency anyway so what is the point of having an opt in box? I’ll am asking you dear readers to think outside the box and maybe there at maybe we need to take a new approach to this.

I love the slide in box, that gives the end user a choice as to whether they want to optin?

And not just cram it down there throat, I am not against collecting email’s all i am saying is now. We as marketing folks need to look for a fresh new take on this whole process, and ask our-selfs if we really want to be like every firm out there.

Some examples of this is site control They are a great firm and i used to have them but like i had said earlier i am not a big fan of optin box what so ever.

You can see it is just a tab, and gives the customer the option as to if they want to subscribe or not. A very clean link for sure, then you click on it

Just as nice as any opt in box out there, and yes you can configure it anyway you want.

just trying to spit out different options and i am in no way affiliated with this firm. This article was more for a different view as to how you could still get the e mail and not keep slamming those damn, WAIT BEFORE YOU GO.