Pay Per Call Marketing

How Does Pay Per Call Work?

So it works like this.

Let’s say you own XYZ Painting and you need more customers. You decide to hire a marketing firm Like Us? to help you get more customers. There are a lot of options out there.

You find company A that offers Pay Per Call Advertising. This means that based on your agreement with them you pay them when a person picks up the phone and calls your company.

That’s it!

Pay Per Call Technicalities

There are not many marketing firms that are willing to risk their entire profits on a pay per call marketing agreement. However, there are a few that do…Six Gun Group  being one of them.

Each company that does offer a pay per call marketing option has various terms and conditions. Here are some of the common ones you should ask about and be aware of.

Do I Pay For Every Call or Only Unique Calls?

Most pay per call marketing firms will only charge you for unique calls. So if the same person calls you more than once, you would only be charged for one of those calls.

Does Every Unique Call Count?

No…well that isn’t true for every pay per call marketing company. For example, Google Adwords offers a pay per call system and it is possible to be charged more than once for the same caller. In fact, Google Adwords often double dips, triple dips, and more when it comes to PPCall or PPClick.

How Does eWebify Qualify A Call As Quality?

We call it the “3 Really Test”

  1. They are really a real person
  2. They are really in your area
  3. They really are interested in your services

So if the person matches those 3 tests, then they count as a quality call and our clients pay for that call.

How Much Does Pay Per Call Cost?

There isn’t one dollar amount for this one. The biggest factors that will change the price for this are market competition, area, industry, and the individual marketing firm.

The most important thing to understand when it comes to paying per call are two numbers. Your desired Customer Acquisition Cost & your conversion %.
Knowing those two numbers will help you know what your PPCall price needs to be in order for you to get a Return On Investment.

How Are Calls Tracked & Attributed To The Marketing Efforts Of The Marketing Company?

Technology is awesome and it keeps getting better. PPCall marketing uses advanced call tracking software to route calls to companies, track calls, record calls, report calls, and more.

Basically it works like this. XYZ Marketing firm buys specific phone numbers for their client. They use those phone numbers throughout their marketing efforts. When customer Joe finds Bob’s Painting he picks up the phone and calls Bob’s Painting via one of the phone numbers.

The phone number is routed via the call tracking software and recorded. This way that call is credited as coming from XYZ Marketing.

Who Is Pay Per Call Not For?

If your a business that does not have someone to close calls when they awnser

If your a buisness that has no phone skills, this might not be for you

your a business that does not answer your phone (yes this really happens)If your a business that is stuck in traditional media

But if your ready for your business to explode

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