Your a small business owner and are just dying to get more customers. But the budget is small ….well because you do not have any clients.

What do you do? Pay per Lead? SEO, is all this stuff just bullshit that people are spewing to get more money from you and dammit  where are the new clients we are going broke here. Sound familiar? How do i know this story so well? i have been in you shoes my friend and once upon a time owned a carpet cleaning business and would have killed to get more clients. And god knows you are not ready to shell out 1k on a hope and a dream. Well hang on and your answers are coming now.


Pay Per Lead

There is a well known model out there called pay per lead, the problem is all big business is all over it and charge a fortune for it. Not for the average small shop and what if i told you they sell those leads over and over again. So what do you do? First there are alternatives to this…well like us at Six Gun Group

We do Lead generation and you only pay when the calls come in at a set rate, so let’s get to the most popular questions.


  1. Why do i pay and the lead does not go with me? Well we have found most of the time the average shop does not do the one thing that counts the most answer the damn phone. We do not sell leads to others like the bigger shops, but if i send you a lead and you do not answer the phone we better look at something else.
  2. I can not close them so i am not paying, We will move on to the next client because we do work hard to get you those leads and if you do not close them that is not our fault.
  3. How do i know they want my services? Because the way we target folks, they would not have called to begin with.
  4. This all sounds good but how much upfront? Nothing we wave all the upfront cost and there is no contract. This is a very good deal if you need clients, we do all the work and it is up to you to close them. We get paid to bring them in.


The pay per lead model does tend to be the best model for most shops out there no matter the vertical, just stay away from the bigger firms out there as they have only one thing in mind your wallet. And whether you go with a firm like us or another SEO shop i am sure you will have a better chance for new clients because we do care and treat every client like your family.



Now with SEO this is more of a long term play and unfortunately most seo shops and media firms scream the same thing. We will make you number one….

And lets no kid one another here, most folks that we deal with would not mind being number one, but the bottom line is they just want more leads period. SEO is a longer play and does take time, and watch yourself there are alot of fly by night shops that promise and slam a ton of porn links and then you know what happens? No more site. This is a very serious deal and we treat it as such, hence the form on our contact page, we want long term clients.

We do not work with Porn Or Realtors

I do not know why but those 2 verticals call at all hours and scream why am i not number one.

Seo does take time and yes money, so depending on your budget you will have to make a decision and go with that.


If you would like us to quote either one for you give us a call: