Reviews are they really worth it?


When it comes to reviews you have to realize that reviews are sort of like people that you meet in life. somebody going to like some of you absolutely can’t stand and some you just want to beat to death with a baseball bat. after years of digital marketing I have to admit that I used to be hell-bent on making sure we had great reviews, and today I don’t really give a damn either way.


If you think I’m joking just go over to and look at some of the reviews there some of the people are so stupid you have to ask yourself what in the hell am I even reading this for?


Even my business has been hit with bad reviews and Google did nothing about it, and it was from somebody I had never even met or talked to in my life and I could not change it.



Reviews on a product or service are at best a sort of insight if you will to either product or service, but please be advised that where you’re getting your information from might be from just some bitter  person.


Reviews are almost irrelevant anymore and there’s almost gotten to the point where there’s professional people that just do nothing but leave negative reviews I’ve experienced this first-hand by selling a product on Amazon.

The game on Amazon is to sabotage your competitor by hiring people to go out and leave horrible reviews which in the algorithm pushes the product to the bottom of the page hence you won’t get any sales.



This is nothing more than a vicious tactic to see the least, and while they’re there are ways to combat these people, sometimes it’s just not worth it.

So whenever you’re looking at a product or service please keep this article in mine and ask yourself are these people who are leaving the reviews even worth my time to even pay attention to anything like this I guarantee in the end that won’t.

Yeah it’s staggering to learn that 93% of all people still trust a positive review and a service or product and then proceed to purchase such product or service.

73% of all shoppers say a written review has more of an impact with them than a star rating does.

And yet 15% of all  yet views left out there are fake, yet people still have faith in the system