What if I told you everyday your thoughts and emotions were being manipulated?

red pill blue pill

Sounds like it should come from the matrix right?

Well the truth is this is actually happening right now everyday to over a billion people and yes there is a team of engineers that help with this process everyday.

Companies Like Google (shocker)



Snap Chat

And the list goes on, But why? Short answer is it is extremely profitable that is why.

Did you think those notifications from facebook were just there?... Interesting

What if i told you they were there to guide you everyday 

As a digital marketing firm I realized this along time ago, and I drew a line in the sand and said do not cross this. And because of this, we are not a big marketing firm.

But I can sleep at night knowing that I am not manipulating my ad dollars and am ethically getting results for my clients.

A simple way to know this is happening to you, is to look at your news feed and then you see a story that just get’s you pissed. Did you think that was an accident? Hmmmm interesting

Still don't believe me? Ever heard someone say my god i was on youtube and got sucked into the youtube black hole. Where you end up watching stuff that you never had any intention on watching.

Still don't believe me? well i have a video so it must be true.

So what is the point of this story? Attention? Yes kind of, and hopefully the realization that your thoughts are being manipulated by the best engineers in the world. I myself have deleted Facebook app, and others from my phone. And you will be shocked at how quiet it becomes.

And hopefully people will start to wake from this digital comma and focus on true problems in this world. That was the point to this post, you see as a digital marketer i need results for my clients. But will not sell my soul to do so.

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