Top 5 Reasons you need a chat-bot

1) Make no mistake when I say this: opt-in marketing is dead. I wrote about this some time ago. Face book messenger will be the future of marketing due to the easy ability to capture email addresses. The rates are staggering at 96% versus a 9-12% average with email option.

2) There are many platforms for you to chose from including manychatchatfuel, and chatmatic. Its crucial to realize that if you do not get on board now you are destine to be left behind.

3) These numbers with this style of marketing are mind numbing to say the least. There are massive opt-ins and endless opportunities to up-sell for e-commerce companies. Customers feel more connected and it’s significantly more personal for them as well.

4) Wouldn’t it be great if you owned a restaurant and could show your entire menu, directions, and even offered the ability to book a reservation all from a bot? There are endless options you can add to a bot to customize your needs for your business. Bot’s are the future!

5) Imagine the convenience of prequalifing your customers before you have direct contact with them! As example, an insurance agency can gather information such as coverage needs so that when contacting the customer you are prepared to give all the information they are requesting. Its saves you, and more importantly, your customers time!

There are endless options with a self automated bot. The costs are as low as $10 and up to (….fill in the blank), depending on your needs.

Chat fuel is more elaborate with costs ranging from $30 all the way up to $900 per month. The average user may not require the high end pricing. There are more options with bot than with manychat, like having the ability to do a full check out, and more as well. Sweet, huh?

ChatMatic is by for the most expensive, coming in at a whopping $1497 one time fee, which for a long term commitment may work, but I prefer the less expensive models.

Six Gun Group has experience with manychat and chatfuel. Our firm uses manychat.

We hope you can see the power of future marketing and that bot is becoming more and more popular and surly the latest and best way to accommodate your needs. The trends certainly show that bot is the future. Get on board now and stay one step ahead of your competitors!  Be the leader in your industry!

Below is our own custom Truck driver recruiting bot that we created for the trucking industry


Make now mistake about it friends AI Bots are coming on strong and you will see more and more of these to stay connected with ( in this case future drivers) or clients, book reservations, and the list goes on and on.

Get Your Own Bot

Here is our design for the auto dispatch Bot in the works already

80% of brands aren’t taking part in the conversation with their customers or prospects.


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