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In today’s business world, you need to create a custom domain website to not only represent you but your brand as well. Most popular website builders can get you up and running, but that is like being the kid that sells cookies in a sea of kids selling cookies. Simple websites get just that, simple results. Make no mistake about the world we live in, business is a battle and you need the right tools to get your job done.


Optimize for search engines

Most FREE plans for website builders are lacking one thing, Search engine optimization. There are SEO tools out there that can help the average business owner. But trust me when I say, do you want to run your business, or run a website? I did just that and that is how I ended up owning an agency. There is a wide range of personal websites that you can get for your business. The question you need to ask yourself is, is a cheap website builder trying to accomplish my goals of XX calls a month? These are also the cheapest plan out there and yield just that, cheap results.


Succeed with the right website builder from start to growth

Leading your business in the right direction with a firm that specializes in SEO features to generate the calls or form submits for your business. These are the essential features you need to target your future customers. You also need to have a secure website in today’s world of digital marketing. Google will not get your site seen without it being secure. the costs and functionality of your site are more essential than just a basic plan at any free site. You have more advanced features with a custom site as well. Customization is complete control of your brand and what it stands for. The powerful features and design elements are second to none.


How do I make my site mobile-friendly?

Our design software allows us to build a proper domain with responsive or mobile-friendly sites built-in. You have complete creative control when building a site that represents your brand. Design freedom is a better approach to landing those clients. Truth be told, it will outperform any one-page websites out there. Google AMP is what is being used for all responsive sites these days, and yet so many business owners do not pay attention to their sites. An additional feature of a mobile-friendly site is the fact that mobile search is up 150%. That alone should make any business owner realize the potential for new clients with a mobile-friendly site. Design flexibility needs to be your next design option for your new site.

Email Marketing

With a custom domain, you should also focus on an email marketing tool, to keep in touch with clients at least on a monthly basis. Email marketing is one area most businesses fail at because they are doing what they know. Running the business! It is time to change that mindset and embrace the power of email marketing. A simple website builder does lack the power of collecting emails for future sales. Design agencies like ours set all this up for you. All you have to do is send emails, or have us do it for you.

Email addresses will be the lifeline for your business when times get slow. And every business out there goes through that.


How do I get my website found by Google?

This is where we stand out from other Ad agencies, yes I said that right. Most agencies out there are just ad agencies and want nothing more than to slap up 5 pages and charge you for life. Our pricing plans with custom code will help get your site in the Google listings and be seen to collect the leads your business needs. Our design tools with artificial design intelligence will get your site seen by all search engines. We are a fully customizable website builder with the latest tools for you to be seen. We have a host of customization options for you to choose from, Along with the latest social media tools as well built-in our sites.



There are a host of cheapest website builders out there, the question you should ask is what is a client worth? most businesses do not know what dollar amount it takes to land a new client. You need a standout feature on a site today to separate you from everyone else. We can handle all the basic features of a site, to a full-featured online store. We have no hidden costs associated with our work as well. We do everything for you such as connect domain, to connecting it to Google sites as well. There is always a huge range of variables in every site as every business is different. From an E-commerce site to multilingual sites, every business is different and we love the challenge. So contact us today for a range of features for your next site.



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Fred Skaff

Fred Skaff

Lead SEO

Fred has 10 years In the SEO world that started in web design. He has a passion for helping small business.

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