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WordPress – How SEO Helps

So Today I thought 1 I would actually start writing in my Blog of my site instead of just making pages. 2 Try and help folks looking for answers to there questions. Am i a Mind reader? LOL NO I got that image from a great website called Answer The Public

This is a great site for many questions that folks have in real time, IE You will get a better understanding of what your customer is really looking for from you and your products. and it spits them out in a data form or pic form.

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I wont answer all these that i found but i do hope it does help you with the ones i will answer.

How is SEO Important?

Well for the average small business out there if you do not pay attention in this digital age, you will get left behind in the dust. SEO is Very important especially to a small business these day’s . You are letting leads go every day right through your fingers and trust me when i say that there is a sea of folks looking for all kinds of services. Take for example a small HVAC shop that has not done a thing with his/ her site and yet complains there is no work out there. There is but your competition is eating your lunch and laughing to the bank.

I have a deep rooted interest in this one, because back in the day i had a brick and mortar shop and struggled with trying to find new clients and did not realize the power of the computer. And yes it is for more than just playing games. The truth about SEO is that Google is had enough of trying to convince small business to take action and is favoring big business and yes you will loose even more ground this coming year.

How to SEO Optimize your site:

Funny first question i get from folks all the time is how do i do the SEO thingy…… ( and just for the record i do laugh every time)

Easiest way to start with your site is to get citation for your site. IE Yellow pages, Yelp, City Search, and for the love of god yes you need your real address and phone number. So help me God if one more business contact’s me and says they do not want there address and phone out there i will scream. There is a great tool for checking on how your site citation’s are with these HERE

It is a great Tool from MOZ and will help you get on the right track as to what your site needs and what you should do to get them. I believe they will also help you get the ones that you need as well. If not there is

White Spark

Bright Local

Those are the 2 that come to mind first and foremost.This is just a start to be honest and there really is way more to answer here but this will help put you above your competition real easy. There is a ton more to do to a site like i said, but you would be surprised at how many local shop’s do not have that. and that will help in you’re rank as well.

How Does an SEO Make Money?

How do i get paid? Well I tell folks all the time to think of it like a Race Car. And it is my job to make you the fastest car out there. Just because you show up at the track does not mean your going to win. I have to tweak it, and tune it to make sure you are faster than the next guy. And yes you will pay me to do my job, the sad truth is there are a ton of folks that claim to be SEO Experts and fall short. Be skeptical if they say these key words. ( we will get you to number one) I do not know why but they all say that?? must be a selling point?

There is no college that teaches what i know, so if your big corporation reading this and yet have an ad out for 4 year bachelor degree blah blah blah. save it There has to be passion from the folks you work with to have a genuine interest in getting your rank up. There are many marketing firms that also try to hire me and i will not work with them and here is why. You sold it you do it. I could keep on with my rant, but let;s move on to the what.

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What Does SEO stand For?

Simple: Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO Writing?

That is a way to tell Google what you are writing about. You have to remember there is so many sites out there not one person can read all this stuff. So they send out spiders to crawl your site to find out what you have. And there are certain things google is looking for in a site IE Keywords Now if you do not know what a keyword is we will use and example. Betty has a flower shop but does not know how to let Google know this. So she has someone build her site but there is no mention of flowers anywhere??? You must remember that site builders do not really do SEO. There are things you need in your site from content (which should mention flowers) But not to much! And Meta Description’s

And your Pic’s should have Keywords in them as well (most do not do this) There are other things as well from certain tags etc that help with all this as well. I hope this helps get you on the right track.

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Why SEO Is better than PPC?

Well plain and simple, would you rather get traffic for free or pay for it? Seems like most folks would rather pay for it. That is why Google does billion’s of dollars every year in ads. And if folks would just take the time to get there site right they could get that traffic for free. But hey i get it who the hell do you trust to do that kind of work for you? Me!

Why SEO Does Not Work!

Love that one so much i could cry really. I have heard that line for years, But it does matter and even more these days than ever before. Do you think it is funny that when ever you type insurance into Google progressive shows up number one? Do you think that was an accident? Hell know they have a great team and love to hold that number one position. It brings them a ton of new clients every year. But it is sort of like the glass half full thing, you know what the hell i am talking about.


You can see i answered just a few questions from each one of these and i do hope that it has helped you with some of the questions you might have. If not ? come back this site is geared toward the DIY SEO and should help you with some of the questions you may have. I wish you all the best on your journey and hope this Holiday Season finds you in great Health and Wealth my friend.

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