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Website Design


Looking around, you are going to realize that every successful business out there thrives on a well-managed presence on the internet. In the world we live today, websites are inherently tied to the marketing strategy of a company. If your website is well laid out, easy to load and easy to navigate, then you get traffic coming your way pretty easy. The flow will be consistent and the feedback from your clients will be generally positive.  Six Gun Group, we take pride in the fact that our web design experts have what it takes to get your platform to the next level of exposure and professionalism.


The area of web design is a pretty dynamic one. The interests and preferences of your visitors change over time. So do the ranking algorithms used by sites like Google and Bing. As a business person, you will need to keep pace at the top in terms of trends in web design. We are always watching what is happening around in the industry, adopting and executing meaningful schedules to boost traffic towards your website. Once you give us the go ahead, we set upon creating a flawless code that works well with all pieces of software and hardware in order to ensure perfect output at the other end.


In designing your website, we keep several key factors in mind. For example, we know that internet users are very impatient and do not like slow-loading pages. We also know that the graphic and text in your site needs to balance out in an appealing way. In a nutshell, our experts are aware of all your site’s needs and will create it from scratch.

Remember, your website is your ticket towards profits or losses. It therefore needs to be professionally coded and maintained.  Six Gun Group is quite adept at that.

Big Rapids SEO

    • Goal Assessment – what are your SEO goals? It is to drive web traffic? Is it to get registrations? Is it to get “click-and-buy” actions? Without a clear idea of your goals, you will never know if you succeed.
    • Keywords – Keywords are the foundation of good Internet marketing and SEO. I will work with you to develop a robust, insightful keyword worksheet.
    • On Page Optimization – Many websites are poorly optimized, at best. I will identify the best tags for you and position your keywords inside those tags. In addition, I will work with you on Web-friendly content.
    • Off Page Optimization – getting links is just the beginning. There are many tricks to the trade of link generation, and I know them all. I have an extensive PR and marketing background that is more than just technical SEO.
    • Metrics – Google Analytics and beyond. Today everything is about metrics, including your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Let me teach you the best ways to get metrics.
  • Rank – would you like to know where you rank on your target keywords BEFORE and AFTER SEO? I will actually do this FOR FREE. Just contact me and mention a FREE RANK ASSESSMENT. I will be happy to generate one for you as the starting point of our engagement.