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There’s a Piece Of Mind Haveing Us Fight For You.

Are You owed Monies?

Asset Recovery is Known to have a lot of shady folks in the Business. Have piece of mind Knowing You can Contact Us Any Time.

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We do all the work for you and get you the monies that are owed you. Most think this is a scam, but the truth is we never charge an upfront fee!

Our Team

We are a small Team Of Folks That have one mission, Returning Monies Rightfully Owed To Our Clients.

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Is This A Scam?

No, while there are so called companies out there that charge an up font Fee. We NEVER charge up front.

Can I Do This Myself ?

Of course you can, But we have Lawyers and all the experience to handle all the red tape for you.

How Much Is This ?

We charge a Flat Fee of 10 % for all cases. And while some might think this is a lot. We have costs as well. Attorneys are not cheap.

How Long Does This Take ?

It does very from state to state. And Federal is longer. But we have seen wait times as long as 8 Months.

What If I Change My Mind ?

If we have the contract signed and all the paper work submitted, This is not an option. We have done our job.


Vermont Owes Residents $42 Million

Vermont Owes Residents $42 Million The smallest state capital in the U.S., Montpelier, is located in Vermont. It's also the country's largest producer of maple syrup and the state is also home to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream company. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield...

Unclaimed Funds Remain in State Treasury

Unclaimed Funds Remain in State Treasury Most of the State treasuries are at a loss as to how to handle the growing pile of unclaimed funds. This surplus of unclaimed money in the state treasuries is getting bigger with each passing day. Major states like California...

Glad I Listened

Who would have Known? Never even heard of unclaimed money. Thank You!

Thanks Folks

I thought this was a scam, Glad I listened to what you had to say.

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Best day I Have Had In Some Time. So Glad I listened.


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The Government is Not In The Business

Of Finding People It Owes Money To.